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Wylene wants to put her 35 years of education, experience, and knowledge at YOUR fingertips through an extensive members-only educational library to bring you everything you need for starting, riding, training, advancing, trail-riding, problem solving, showing, and everything in between. You will be able to access an ever growing video library, how-to articles, behavioral studies, and information on her past and present horses in training! Stay tuned!

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Who Is Wylene?

Wylene is a three time Extreme Mustang Makeover Champion. She was showcased in the documentary, "Wild Horse, Wild Ride", was a part of the Nat Geo series "Wild Mustang Millionaire", and alongside Al Dunning, filmed a training series for RFDTV called "How to Tame and Train a Wild Mustang".

Wylene grew up riding every horse she could find, and developed her horsemanship foundation through training horses at her mother's boarding facility. She soon earned her name, "Extreme Wylene" for her ability to ride and train, quickly, safely, and efficiently. As she always says, there is no horse that can run faster than she can ride.  

A large aspect of her clinics revolves around motivating not only horses, but riders, to excel and be their very best, safely and confidently. Wylene is passionate about helping others develop a different frame of mind by uplifting, motivating, inspiring, and encouraging them to take on challenges both in their riding and in their personal lives. It's not uncommon for people to say that she didn't just tell them how, she showed them how. 


Her leadership ability helps to not only guide horses that are deamed untrainable and unrideable but also riders that are unconfident and fearful, in turn helping both go to the next level. Her objective is to create a ripple effect that will touch the lives of many to come. 

Membership Packages


Boots On

Become a part of our amazing Extreme Team through the "Reality Riding with Extreme Wylene- members group"! There you will have exclusive access to:

  • Live feeds from clinics and lessons

  • Live Q&A sessions

  • Tips, tricks, and training help

  • Monthly challenges



Saddle Up

Our main focus is to help you and your horse get broke with this popular package!

  • Boots On Membership

  • Ever growing video library

  • "Know how" articles and tips

  • Follow along with Wylene's behavioral studies

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Get Extreme

This package is perfect for the person who wants to take their horsemanship to the next level. Included is:

  • Saddle Up membership

  • Access to the "Get Extreme" Membership Facebook page where Wylene will address your individual horse concerns, post in-depth content, and host live, monthly, 1 hour long Masters courses

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  • 10% off Clinics or free auditing for yourself